The Fojujoja Story

About us

Fojujoja is a trade and business facilitation platform created to bridge the digital divide and give unparalleled online visibility to businesses at the micro, small and medium sector level, markets - rural and urban, produce, trade and traders, artisans and their communities.

It is the on-line convergence that on-boards businesses and entrepreneurs, thousands of traders & alajapas, farmers, women & youth engaged in food production and processing, artisans as well as other small business persons engaged in vocational trade. Fojujoja is also profiling traditional institutions, traditional rulers and their communities.

The platform also offers downloadable applications where consumers and buyers can have direct access to markets, price index, traders, transporters as well as artisans and others in the service sector.

The platform is building a robust database of business, markets, traders, artisans, produce price index, trade groups, communities as well as business membership organisations.

Fojujoja is also creating personal blogs for business individuals or groups (blogosphere), alajapas, artisans, service providers and transporters.

Our Mandate

To bring business people from the petty traders, vendors, producers and manufacturers together

Vital Statistics

4+ traders, vendors and suppliers
4+ artisans, technicians and service providers
21 visible markets, shopping malls and business centers
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